If you remember Mother India, the two sons of Nargis, Rajendra Kumar and Sunil Dutt, both of them were brought up in the same environment. One became farmer, Rajendra Kumar and other one dacoit, Sunil Dutt.

The point I’m focusing is how can one of them became so revengeful and other despite everything same, opted to remain simple farmer living and supporting the family. 

Even in day to day life, you may find children in the same family with very different attitudes. One you may find rebellious and other may be very kind hearted. 

Is it with physical strength? Is it the upbringing? Is it one’s own social surroundings?

Physical strength can be acquired. Parents don’t differentiate. Most of the time social surroundings are also same for children of one family unless they are separated because of some obnoxious reasons.

If we dive a bit into psychology of such cases, the rebellious one is always taking things from negative perspective and will mostly remember the wrong doings of people despite they may not have done all bad. 

They only nurture and harbour bad memories one after another. In this process, the subconscious mind, which is your automation centre, adapts to the behaviour and becomes typically a machine to avoid anything good and will keep hunting for something negative or wrong in everything happening around.

You must have realised many times, seeing a particular face annoys you without anything and some faces will bring smile even if you are in a very tensed situation. 

Why it happens?

First we need to understand the mechanism of subconscious mind. I’m not an expert on this but can share my basic understanding.

Subconscious mind is like a big library and have everything linked in a chain. The way one smart librarian can find out the requisite book from a large area, similar way, the subconscious mind automatically do the needful. If you have reacted negatively for one person couple of times, your subconscious mind will feed your conscious mind with those emotions without waiting for any new judgmental reaction. 

Over a period of time, linkage will become more stronger.

The question is how to reverse this?

Before we proceed further, let me say you can’t erase your negativity completely and immediately. Then what? 

The only way is – increase the positivity.

Start focusing on things which connect you to positive side of life. Start writing positive things happened to you during each day. Let negativity persist but the only thing you need to do is whenever your subconscious mind through some negativity, immediately connect to a positive thought. 

Spending more time with your loved ones, talking about good memories, going through family albums and anything and everything which connects you to some smiling memories. 

In no way negativity is helping you other than creating misery in life, then why not living happily with Goody bag of sweet memories.

Stay happy…stay blessed!!!