Family. The word itself is a complete world for most of us. Exceptions are there for people who are mostly traveling and entire globe has become their home. They are actually global citizens. We do need such kind of people for our well being as a whole.

Coming back to us, the common people, just imagine if there is nobody back home after a successful day. Nobody to serve you, to hug you, to ask and celebrate your success, to make you feel that you still exist. 

In a way, in my opinion, without home, you are living like a creature without having purposefully living of a human life.

Further, there are people who have so called home and still living a miserable life. 

Why is it so?

If you have home and family, then why things doesn’t workout? Why people don’t connect and live a healthy life? Why the romance of life gets over after a period of time? Why do people don’t connect well with their own children or parents? Why people with a complete family live a complicated life?

There is no holy book which defines the living style for a blissful leaving. There are no such proven rules which can be adapted too. We have seen many couples divorced after 10-15-20years of marriage.

The biggest problem I feel is the thinking itself. The problem is always discussed as a very complex human psychological problem. When you have complex problems, you always look for complex and scientific solutions.

Let me say for sometime we consider this as a simple problem. You are not a happy family. You all are always fighting and disrespecting each other on every possible occasion. You don’t lose a single opportunity to fight and prove yourself right.

What can be changed in this scenario? Somebody has to begin. Let you be the first person to initiate this process of bringing happiness in the family.

Before I summon my thoughts, let me say that please continue to live the way you’re living. Do your regular fights, teasing each other, criticising each other and do whatever you want to do man. If you don’t do these things, you will be heading towards a sacrosanct life, which may not be best suited to most of us.

Let me put up few basic points which are mostly missed:

  • You don’t express your happiness and exchange smile on the very first morning face-to-face.
  • You don’t hug your children, your wife, your parents and other family members 
  • You don’t express your love despite you love them the most
  • You don’t start your day with positive statements 
  • You don’t spend quality time but just passing out as if you are in war zone 
  • many more… keep adding. We are brilliant when we have the clues 😀

As I said, do whatever you want to do, I’m just adding that as you can’t phase out negativity from the system, please don’t allow positivity to disappear.

Though you know your family better, my tips may just help you in starting the possible positivism in your life:

  • Start you day with a loud “Good morning- love you” please add the name or relation or the nick name 
  • If possible say this with a warm hug
  • Give your smile – don’t expect a return. Let it happen at their convenience 
  • Do some positive talk
  • Greet everybody at home to the extent possible 
  • People always look for a patient listener. Give them not only your ears but yourself by listening actively. They need to feel that you are concerned.
  • Most of the time fight is not on materialistic issues but of emotional issues. Try to open up the dialogue and dig out the painful memories. Give them healing therapy. I mean hear them out and say sorry, if required. 
  • Don’t push things beyond one point. After all it is their life. You can be a advisor but don’t become a authority. Will suggest to remain available when they come back to you after their own success or failure. Don’t repeat what you said and they didn’t listen. Otherwise they will not comeback to you.
  • Don’t play the role of a big daddy always. Behave like a friend. After all they are the people with whom you are going to enjoy your entire life.
  • Sometimes past is so burdensome that it doesn’t allow people to move on. Let them handle in their own way. Keep applying the medicine of love. Beyond this let you plan a group celebration each week/month without any reason. Just celebrate the togetherness. You can always look for some activities which can involve people with each other.
  • Last but not the least. Don’t make faces. Don’t shout. Don’t humiliate. 
  • Foremost: Nobody is perfect. Each one of will commit mistakes. Will do nonsense things. Simply ignore. We all same.

More and more can be added to this. After all what we are missing is a simple human touch, nothing else. But once you have a happy family and look forward to go home, for sure, your entire energy levels will be at peak. You will be more productive and will lead to a healthier life across.

Let the love in the family flows strong and deep and leaves memories to treasure and keep forever.

Stay happy. Stay together…