Love is an universal language. Smile is understood and reciprocated across. So does Anger. Your speech may or may not be understood but your expressions are well noted and suitably rewarded. 

Have you wondered how children attract unknown different people so easily? Simply with their innocent smile. They discharge positivity in abundance, exceptions aside.

Love is given. Unlike commercial transactions, pure love is not traded. It is simply given. Love is not lust. 

When you hug your parents after receiving something, it becomes a response against some positive wishful action. 

When you hug your children and bless them when they do something good, again you are reciprocating happiness on fulfilment of your wishful desires.

Most of the time we count love as expression of our happiness and fulfilment of our expectations. 

But is it love or completion of a transaction

Appreciating someone is a good gesture. But can we equate appreciation with love? Can we call closure of a transaction as love?

It is always good to reciprocate. It brings down the negativity and spurts positivity.

To my limited understanding, love can be defined as unconditional belongingness for a person or any living body. You accept them as they are. You keep them free. Their is no possessiveness. Despite your differences, you are always attached and available.

Remember: Devotion is not love. It is more of a belief.

Now a days, love is defined as per convenience of people. You love somebody. They did what you don’t like, your love is evaporated. That is not love. When you love somebody, you communicate without words. 

You hear their hidden voice, their pain, their suffering, their happiness. You actually don’t need to talk. It’s like telepathy. You work for their wellbeing without any greed. You don’t need appreciation. Their smile and happiness becomes appreciation for you.

Life is very fragile. It can slip away any time. Handle people with utter love and care. 

The best thing to start is with yourself first. Start loving yourself. Once you start loving yourself, you will be able to add more and more people in your circle of influence. 

Happy Loving Yourself…