Just imagine the golden words when you meet some old friends “buddy you didn’t change a bit” or “you have changed a lot”.

The old friends know a lot about you. They know your negatives and positives. They have seen you in all your peaks and valleys.

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We provide shelter to these negative behavioural issues rather than exposing them and clear them out from our system.  These negative behaviours are often absorbed in the conceit of false pride and are nurtured along with.

It is not that we don’t know about such issues and people around us have not spoken about it. We purposely don’t listen and represents them as our unique style of personality facade.

During this, the behaviour is adapted by your subconscious mind and you keep repeating it without even knowing you are doing something wrong.

Let with every step you move ahead, keep cutting the list of issues you are carrying for all your life. Though it is not easy, but if you can list them out, medication is possible.


Let’s presume you have a habit of using some abusive word.

I suggest two things:

  1. Make a habit of saying silent “SORRY” after each such attempt.
  2. Record your voice “I will not use abusive word”. Listen to it as and when you are free. Listening to your own voice will help in altering set pattern of your subconscious mind in some time.