31st December Celebration, mostly seen as welcoming the beginning of New Year, brings people in a trance of enjoying and partying with their loved ones.

We may think it as economic booster, or a stress buster, or a felling of liberation after one year imprisonment of good and bad and look forward to a newer life, or moving towards our ultimate journey, or may be any damn reason to just enjoy and celebrate.

What actually changes on 1st day of the year?

Hardly anything!!!

Then what are we celebrating for???

New year

So if nothing is changing, and we are not expecting any change which most of us will agree that change of routine and progress in lives of billions is negligible. They in any case have to fight each day for very basics, just to survive, forget about enjoyment and progressing towards betterment.

For people who can afford, every day is a celebration…

It’s confusing!!!

Let’s forget the philosophy: let’s enjoy the festivity and happiness in the air and cyclic closure of old book and opening of a new book with fresh and blank pages and enjoy the authority to write something better and making things more sensible for people/environment around us.

Wishing a very promising year ahead!!!