A message to my son graduating from school…

So finally you are Graduating from the school. You will have many more such ceremonies of Graduation when you move upward on your academic route. You will say good bye to many people who will contribute in your life, time and again. But good bye is a process which will always be there when you are moving forward, as ending leads to beginning of newer dreams and newer opportunities.

In this phenomenon of saying goodbye, you will retain what you enjoy and cherish and leave behind things or people who didn’t fit in your style of living.

But what you will never leave is YOU, yourself. You can’t leave yourself, you can’t turn away from yourself, you can’t say goodbye to what you have done. You will remain together with yourself.

My Family

I remember one quote of Abraham Lincoln in which he has said that The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time. This leaves 365 days each year to redesign, redefine and restructure yourself. There is no end to it.

You will keep looking forward and in the process, will realise what you were enjoying the most is no more in your list. Soon you will learn (may not be very soon) that chasing happiness is no more required if you are happy with yourself and if you are competent enough to become a person who leaves behind the trail of happiness behind.

What you love, what you have, your wants and needs will keep changing over time. Despite your best efforts, at different intervals you will realise that life has its own agenda which will be executed without any value given to your feelings.

So when everything is perishable, even your egos which you will nurture, even if you don’t do willfully; you are human after all, then why not to work towards becoming a person of character and morals. They will never ever perish.

If you lead and adapt a strong, powerful and magnetic persona, whatever and wherever you are, you will still be happy and be able not only to enjoy and cherish the moments but will become a change for a better world around you.

While wishing you for your better life, may god bless you with the power to choose what makes you happy and live your life fully.