When your hard work is not paying off the warranted results what you do? Act in haste or analyse the situation and do deep dive to find out the wrong hidden in your processes, goals, team, lifestyle, thinking, actions and what’s not. 

What is done normally – we just jump on to something, do some good acts(this is how we appreciate ourselves) and most of the time, again face the same dead ends.

Now to move from your plateaus, foremost thing you need to do is to see and write where exactly you want to arrive at. The destination can then be cut into short term milestones. One must spend adequate time on this exercise rather than start shooting the unseen objectives.

Once you are satisfied with your destination and milestones in between, you need to define the missing components. Remember: You are already moving. You can’t do the cut and paste. You need to align or adjust your ongoing activities according to your newer milestones.

Once you are done with alignment of your routine, checkout for what is left. Here I mean what can’t be achieved or taken care by your existing team. Now comes the deployment of requisite manpower. Alignment of the team with milestones. Setting the time frames. Do the routine check-up to avoid goof ups and using your most precious competency I.e. Crisis Management.

Never ever expect that everything will fall in line. If it is your dream, your goal, you only have to be well prepared to welcome exigencies. Be prepared to take the onus of failing. Be prepared for handling trauma of aligning the team time and again.

Foremost: Be prepared to surrender the credits of success to your team. Ultimately they are the people who have helped you to achieve your goals.

It’s a rollercoaster journey. Keep cool and have patience. Stay blessed…