When you face failure after failure, you feel totally devastated and almost dead. 

If we go back to Mahabharata, Pandavas were exiled, disrobed, manipulated, exiled and denied even five villages for five brothers.

Lord Krishna also tried but finally motivated Pandavas to fight and take what is rightfully there’s. 

Instead of five villages, they dethroned Kaurvas and established their kingdom. 

Same is happening to many people across the universe. People have failed in past, people are failing. 

The fight with the failure is itself a cause of failure. Here I mean when you fight back with same resources, you actually ensue another failure. 

When we fight with our own failures, we somehow start owning them and start finding out ways and means to prove our righteousness.

What do we do?

You have to forget what you were and focus on what you are at present. You, if breathing, is a sign that you are still alive. You are equipped with tons of experience and wisdom collected during different failures at different times.

You must have build-up some resources, may not be wealth, but people and skills. You have to explore through your network where your kind of combination is successful. You need to google and explore beyond your network. 

You need to align your actions around your competencies not the other way. If still you find nothing optimistic, get yourself enrolled for a skill building program which is best suited and will match to your future expectations.

You need to recollect yourself. You need to believe yourself once again. There are too many stories of rags to riches. Who knows you may be one of them in times to come. 

Please remember: Success is not aligned with people but their sincere and righteous efforts.

Have a safe and successful journey…